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Artists, producers, & agents working in the field of contemporary circus may always submit proposals for the MICC virtual Tour de Piste pitch sessions or the MICC Circus Coffee Hours. These events are online sessions in which contemporary circus artists and companies will pitch or discuss their shows or concepts to an audience primarily composed of venue and festival programmers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional circus companies who create works for the international touring market. Individual artists will be considered if they regularly tour full-length circus works. Please note that projects not conceived for touring, circus acts, and amateur or student works are not accepted.

Pitch sessions are an important element of the MICC Annual Market each July, but online pitch sessions and coffee hours are now taking place on a more frequent basis throughout the year, often with a specific theme or focus.


March 25 & 26: RICA contemporary circus pitch sessions - African companies

April 7: Working group on presenting circus in the US: US companies

Artists and companies may always submit projects on a rolling basis via our platform (see link below). Ad hoc selection committees evaluate projects, and the MICC team notifies selected artists, in preparation for each session.


March 12 - African Contemporary Circus

March 26 - Contemporary Circus from the United States

Only MICC members may submit a project, but there is no additional fee to submit or pitch.

Tour de piste Pitch Sessions: 

  • Length : around 90 minutes
  • 5-7 companies/projects featured
  • Each artist/company offers a 5-7 minute prepared pitch, with follow up questions
  • General Q&A and one-on-one chat opportunities at the end of the session as time permits

Circus Coffee Hours :

  • Length : 1 hour
  • 4-7 companies featured
  • Hour begins with a round-robin including attendees, plus 2-3 minute project presentations
  • Attendees engage more deeply with each company in break-out rooms; attendees travel to as many break-out rooms as time allows

The following types of projects are accepted:

  1. Tour-ready full-length contemporary circus productions (highest priority) 
  2. Full-length contemporary circus productions currently in creation (tour-ready within the next year) (second priority)
  3. Full-length contemporary circus productions currently in a concept phase (please specify your development/production timeline)

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