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Working Group Meeting: Small and Medium Size Circus Companies

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We identified that a broad range of members working in different contexts attended past meetings and, though we appreciated the connection, that each of us needed more time to dig into the specific challenges we were facing. One way to benefit form the broad expertise in the room but give focus to the specificity of individual challenges might be to turn the group into an action learning set for leaders of small to medium sized organisations.  

Action learning is a facilitated process of learning and reflection that happens with the support of a group or "set" of colleagues, working on real issues, with the intention of getting things done. It enables each person to bring to the group a specific problem, which they own. The group selects through a vote which problem from the selection brought to the group based on what seems most current, pressing and that the group are willing to spend time on.  The group then follows a process to help that individual review the problem, situation or opportunity in such a way that new approaches begin to emerge.

The optimal size for an action learning set is between 5-8 people who work together over a few meetings, with meeting each allowing for a check in, 2 individual time slots to address an identified problem and a check out.  If there was enough interest in this idea the group could split into two or more sets that worked in parallel to each other.

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